1. We help troubleshoot potential problems by utilizing specific behavior-modification coaching techniques.
2. We together determine your needs and goals.
3. We will take steps towards your goals
4. We teach you many aspects required for life-long success.
Four Quadrants of Health
  • Water:   Water is critical for good health.  Being properly hydrated helps mental clarity, joint health, weight loss, circulation, perspiration, elimination, respiration. 

*Goal*: Half your body weight in ounces a day….more if you drink caffeine or alcohol.

  • Sleep 6 to 9 hours per night. During REM sleep positive hormone reactions occur. (growth hormone, ghrelin, cortisol).    

  • Nutrition / Supplementation:
                       * Eat whole foods, limit processed foods.
                       * Increase protein intake.
                       * Decrease processed Carbs (bread/cereal/pasta)
                       * Use Multivitamin, fish oils, probiotic daily.

  • Exercise:  1/2 hour per day, 5 times per week moderately or 2-3 times per week with intensity.
*Change Psychology* – We can’t do more than one action step at a time well, so don’t. From this list pick one action step and do that for one week. Then Slowly build your health improvement plan by adding new steps weekly.